Ahmed Ali Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar was born on 7 February 1982 . He is a Pakistani actor who is best known for his winning acting performances. Akbar is known for his multiple talents as he is a singer, TV host, and former national-level tennis player. At the age of 13, Ahmed Ali Akbar made his television debut on PTV’s drama named ‘Stop Watch’.

After making several appearances on stage and television, Ahmed Ali Akbar made his debut film named ‘Siyaah’ and since then, he didn’t stop acting. He started off his professional TV career in 2014.

Dramas Of Ahmed Ali Akbar

  • Stop Watch
  • Burka Avenger
  • Dosri Bivi
  • Ishq Parast
  • Nazo
  • Paiwand
  • Munkir
  • Ye Raha Dil
  • Ehde Wafa
  • Parizaad
  • Idiot

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